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Agreement with Gresol Foundation - Projecte Home Catalunya: Project Horizon 2022

Projecte Home Catalunya is a Non-Governmental Organisation founded in 1995 that promotes people’s autonomy through the treatment, prevention and awareness of addictions in Catalonia. They have helped more than 22,000 people with addiction problems. They are a team of 160 professionals, between workers and volunteers with centres in Barcelona, ​​Montgat, Montcada i Reixac, Tarragona, Tremp, Tortosa and Balaguer.

The entity aims to improve efficiency in the care, treatment and socio-labour reintegration of people with addictions and their families, as well as carry out greater prevention of addictions in Catalonia, with an innovative and inclusive will, economic sustainability and with a greater capacity for advocacy and social transformation.

With the Horizon 2022 Project, the Home Project Catalunya entity seeks to culminate a process of innovation to be more efficient in tackling addictions.

The specific objectives in which the main lines of the Horizon 2022 Project are set out are the consolidated growth in Catalonia, increasing the knowledge of the organisation in Catalan society, increasing the social sphere, improving the entity’s self-awareness and deepening knowledge management.
The schedule of actions is structured over four years until the year 2022.

Images: Projecte Home Catalunya

2019 was a year of diagnosis in which a strategic plan was implemented to improve the entity’s information systems, the Service of Attention to Addictions in the Lleida-Pyrenees region was deployed, specifically in the town of Balaguer, and the First Aid Service in Barcelona was strengthened.

The current year has been aimed at the following actions: consolidating the Socio-Labour Insertion Service in the country, strengthening universal prevention also in the country and strengthening all teams by increasing the number of staff. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entity to meet new needs in order to to adapt the different programmes and services to the new reality in a context of health, social and economic crisis.

For 2021, it is planned to deploy a Communication Plan, to consolidate the Addictions Care Service in the Lleida-Pyrenees region (Balaguer) and to start prospecting in the province of Girona for the creation of the Addiction Care Service in this area in 2022.

The Bosch Aymerich Foundation, with its commitment to the work of Home Project Catalunya and the field of health and education, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Gresol Foundation-Home Project to contribute to this Horizon 2022 Innovation Project for efficiency in the approach to addictions.

The agreement was signed on 25 March 2020 and was attended by Elena Cabarrocas, Patron, Antonio Bosch, Patron and Rafael Faus, Director of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation, as well as Oriol Esculies, Director of Home Project Catalonia and Jordi Feu, Director of the Management and Communication Area of the Gresol Foundation-Home Project.