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Bosch Aymerich Documentary Collection

The proposal of the Bosch Aymerich Documentary Collection arises from the will of the Board of Trustees of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation to preserve the legacy of Mr. Josep Ma Bosch Aymerich and create a definitive archive that can be consulted by interested researchers and serve as a basis for the dissemination and knowledge of his career and life. Given the limited national and international knowledge of his life and work. The documentary collection must be inventoried to become an accessible and easy-to-consult legacy, not only for architects and engineers, but also for researchers, historians, etc.

The person in charge of the project has been Mr. Emilio Moncada Durruti, an architect specialised in Building and Urban Planning and with experience in directing document management projects, in organising archives and computer applications, and with great knowledge of the sector, who has coordinated a group of assistants.

The conservation and inventory work of the Documentary Collection of Mr. Josep Ma. Bosch Aymerich started in June 2020, since at the beginning, in March 2020 it was interrupted by the covid-19 confinement. It has been six months of profitable work that have yielded very satisfactory results.

The approximate volume of the collection is 250 linear metres of documentation (boxes, folders, files, special formats, plans, etc.). The documentation was set out on delicate media (vegetable paper, photography, copy paper, sulphured supports, etc.)

The archive has a volume of 1,643 installation units: 20,504 plans, contained in 862 plan tubes, 772 boxes of documentation and 9 drawers in flat cabinet.
There were 2,743 entries or lines of information, 1,505 in documentation boxes and 1,238 in plan tubes.

The documentation in the current file, which includes architectural, urban planning and engineering projects, is a valuable resource for learning about and completing our view of Mr. Josep Ma Bosch Aymerich from the perspective of his work as an architect, engineer and urban planner. The archives of Mr. Josep Ma Bosch Aymerich are a huge patrimonial legacy of one of the most outstanding figures of the Catalan and Spanish world of urban planning and architecture.