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The International University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona) started up in 1997 to offer quality university training and to promote research as a service to society. Linked to the business world and with a strong international character, it offers sixteen degrees, some thirty double international degrees and a wide range of postgraduate programmes on its two campuses, in Barcelona and Sant Cugat.

The Bosch Aymerich Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with the UIC Barcelona to create the Bosch Aymerich Family Business Law Chair, with the aim of furthering in the study of the problem of family business succession from a legal standpoint. The chair, which will be offered by the UIC Barcelona Law Faculty, ​​was created with the aim of proposing legal reforms to help strengthen the legal status of the family business, with a special focus on the complexity of the phenomenon of succession.

Family businesses now account for 88.8% of the state productive economy, 57.1% of GDP and focus 66.7% of employment. One of the critical moments in the life cycle of such businesses is succession, when the various legal mechanisms in place to ensure it are put to the test. The chair will study the legal security and the issue of succession from the civil, commercial and tax spheres in order to avoid jeopardising the company’s continuity.

The research project, which will be led by Dr. Jordi de Juan, will be developed in two phases: a first analysis of the current situation of family businesses in Spain and their prospects for improvement, followed by the study of different solutions adopted internationally for their possible adaptation.

The agreement was signed on 10 July 2020 in the presence of the representatives of the two institutions: the Secretary and trustee of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation, Mr. Antoni Bosch and the Director of the Foundation, Mr. Rafael Faus, the Rector of UIC Barcelona, Mr. Xavier Gil, the Dean of the Law Faculty, Mrs. Pilar Fernández Bozal and the chair director and teacher at the faculty, Mr. Jordi de Juan.