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The Col·legi Major Monterols is a university residence that has provided accommodation and training for university students since 1949 and which develops a tireless social, cultural and sports activity in its own unique style, difficult to reproduce. Monterols is a male University College, attached to the University of Barcelona. It therefore has members of the university club and residents from all the universities in Barcelona and the surrounding area, as well as other parts of Spain and abroad.

The Bosch Aymerich Foundation collaborates with this institution as its founder was the Honorary Trustee of the School and helped maintain the work carried out by this High School. The Bosch Aymerich Foundation aims to continue the work of its founder and has agreed to collaborate on 4 scholarships for four students, to help cover the residential expenses they cannot afford.

These scholarships are awarded to those students who, though achieving good grades, cannot afford to pay for their residency. The scholarship award ceremony takes place every June, but could not be held this year due to the exceptional situation caused by Covid'19, which forced the suspension of academic events. However, the scholarship awardees were chosen and will receive these scholarships during the academic year.

The collaboration agreement was signed on 3 March in the presence of the Headmaster of Monterols High School, Mr. Fernando Villar, the Secretary of Monterols High School, Mr. Miquel Masó and Mr. Antoni Bosch, Secretary and trustee of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation.