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The SOM VIA Group is a structure of four entities with social value: the Via Activa Foundation, the Viaclara Foundation, the Via Assistencial Foundation and SOM VIA Consultancy.

Each entity is aimed at a different group, but under the cohesion of a common work with more than 25 years of experience that, through an innovative and rigorous model, provides society with different resources, services and programmes committed to people with special needs, vulnerability and diverse behaviour, as well as the construction of reasons for living and also committed to the transformation of the environment. It is from this commitment and experience that the Awake Minds Programme was created as a training and prevention itinerary in mental health, led by people with a diagnosis and aimed at students of High School, Baccalaureate and Intermediate and Higher Vocational Training, and universities in the city of Barcelona and province.

The aim is to create community participation and promote healthy habits, as well as to bring together the realities and prevention of mental illness among young people, students and future professionals. It is also an action of positioning in the face of the stereotypes, prejudices and stigma that abound in society.

The Programme sets up a double space; training on the one hand, but also allowing people with experience in mental health to be the real protagonists, to be the key agents of change and transmission of expert knowledge. Awake Minds is a life lesson.

The Awake Minds Programme consists of several main actions: a presentation given at schools, with the previous delivery of work material and a practical activity consisting of the knowledge of the daily activity and operation of the Mascaró Residence Home, one of the Group's resources for people with mental illness.

The Awake Minds Film Competition is also being organised to use audiovisual as an educational tool.

This programme therefore links with the social commitment maintained by the SOM VIA Group with people and society, understanding that education is the fundamental key to making real and effective the participation of all citizens in society.

It is in this sense and with the conviction of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation in promoting the growth of society and continuing to transform views and attitudes, that on 13 January 2020 a collaboration agreement was signed to give support for three consecutive years to the Awake Minds Programme so that, inside and beyond the classroom, students, teachers, families and speakers might rethink and transform realities and diversities.

Bosch Aymerich Foundation Training Room, SOM VIA Group Headquarters

The signing of the Collaboration Agreement took place on 13 January with the President of the Via Activa Foundation, Mr. Jaume Viaplana Miralles and Mr. Andrés Escarpenter Ferran, patron of the Bosch Aymeric Foundation.