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COORDINADORA EUROPEA DE FAMÍLIES NOMBROSES - EUROPEAN LARGE FAMILIES Confederation (ELFAC): European Card Project and European network of districts

The European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC) was set up in 2004, bringing together the Large Families Associations across Europe. The Confederation represents more than 60 million European citizens belonging to almost 9 million large families.

The Confederation aims to represent the social and economic interests of families with children in general, and large families in particular, as the most appropriate environment for raising children, integrating them into society and providing mutual support between generations. Its purpose is to promote, develop, and unite the movement of large family organisations.

The European Coordinator has promoted the creation of the European Card for Large Families, which aims to make it easier for large families in a European country to be accredited as such when travelling to another country and thus be able to gain certain public benefits and advantages and others achieved with associations for large families.

ELFAC General Assembly with representatives from different associations, Brussels 2019 -Image courtesy of ELFAC

Another of its projects has been to create the network of European municipalities for large families, which aims to set up a network of districts wishing to strengthen family support policies with specific plans and strategies to become certified as family-friendly municipalities.

In this area, the Bosch Aymerich Foundation expresses its commitment to this entity by signing an agreement over financial aid for the project of the European card and the network of municipalities in the current year.

The agreement was signed on 27 April in the presence of Mr. Antoni Bosch Carrera, Secretary and trustee of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation, Mrs. Elena Cabarrocas, member and trustee of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation and Mr. Raúl Sánchez, Secretary General of the European Large Families Confederation.