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Stima Day Centres: Josep María Bosch Aymerich grants for the promotion and autonomy of the over 65s

Within its field of action, the Bosch Aymerich Foundation aims to help the well-being of the elderly and this is the reason why the Josep María Bosch Aymerich Grants have been created for the promotion and autonomy of people over 65 years of age.

The purpose of these grants is to help the elderly over the age of 65 or under the age of 65 with pathologies associated with old age, by paying part of the economic cost of their time at Stima day centres when they meet certain pre-set requirements.

There will be three types of grants:

Type A. For those people not classified as dependent and who are therefore unable to apply for the financial support.

Type B. For dependent people able to apply for the support.

Type C. For those people who have a family income below the minimum inter professional wage, whether or not they are able to receive the support linked to the service. Only for users with 5, 3 or 2 full days.

The grants will be applied for a time depending on the type of grant awarded, and a monthly economic check will be made in which the Foundation will be informed in an updated balance of the status of the grants.

The Stima day centres are located in Madrid, in the Aluche, Embajadores and Moratalaz areas. They are establishments totally designed to provide the elderly with the highest level of comfort and adaptation to the different activities carried out in the centres, which follow permanent, progressive and adapted routines for their patients.

The idea of ​​collaborating with Stima arises from the good practice that is being exercised with the elderly in these day centres and specifically that of Moratalaz, which was welcomed by residents as it was an area with few services.