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Collaboration agreement with the Hospital Clínic to promote the creation of the Immunotherapy Unit

The ITC Clínic Project aims to create a specific immunotherapy unit that provides an innovative physical space and the necessary means for the Hospital Clínic to advance in this type of treatment for different solid and haematological tumours.

Immunotherapy is based on directing the person’s immune system against their own malignant cells and stimulating the body’s natural defences. It is a smart way to fight the disease, since it is the body’s own defences that fight exclusively against the malignant cells, with fewer side effects. This type of treatment has proven effective where others therapies have failed.

Having achieved the milestones set with the ARI project, it has been possible to set a future scenario with the renewed objectives, given that the clinical trials of CART19 have already started in haematological diseases with good results in terms of effectiveness.

Now, the goal of the Clinic for the coming years is to advance in these trials, to consolidate the CART19 therapy in haematological diseases, and to develop other CARTs for multiple myeloma and TILs (Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocytes) therapy for other solid tumours (breast cancer), and to offer these treatments within the public health care system for paediatric patients and adults resistant to conventional therapies.

Images cédées par: Hospital Clínic

With its commitment to scientific research and health, the Bosch Aymerich Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and the Fundació Clínic per la Recerca to create a specific immunotherapy unit and a clinical trial for a new CART treatment for patients with multiple myeloma.

The agreement was signed on 16 March with Mr. Angel Sáez, President of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation, Dr. Josep Maria Campistol, Director General of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​and Dr. Elías Campo, Director of IDIBAPS and the Clinical Foundation for Biomedical Research.