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Sant Joan de Déu Hospital: Kids Corona – Platform for Covid’19 research in the mother-child population

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, different studies have shown that the disease affects paediatric and adult populations differently. The number of children affected appears to be much lower than that of adults, despite being a group at risk of serious respiratory infections, and when they are infected they often suffer from a milder form of the disease.

To give specific answers to the different questions posed and to study the behaviour of COVID-19 in the paediatric and pregnant population, more than 20 research projects have been and are being carried out: 16 paediatric population projects, 3 of which are based on on-line surveys; 3 studies in the population of pregnant women, one based on an on-line survey; and 2 studies (one paediatric and one gestational) in which we participate as a collaborating entity.

A new space has been created to expand the hospital’s biobank and to be able to manage the samples of these projects simultaneously. Equipment has also been purchased for the collection and storage of samples (refrigerators, freezers, centrifuges, etc.). A health data platform (HDM-KIDS-CORONA) has likewise been created where all the information and databases of the studies of the Kids Corona platform are indexed.

Since April, more than 100 people have been contracted to support the various projects.

A web platform has been created to inform society and researchers of the progress and results of the Kids Corona platform. Company URL: leads to a page explaining the objectives and main results in language that is understandable to the general public.

This project was presented by the President of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation, Mr. Angel Sáez; the collaboration agreement with the Kids Corona ’19 project was signed on 28 April 2020 by Mr. Manuel del Castillo, Managing Director of the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu, Ms. Elena Cabarrocas, trustee and Mr. Antonio Bosch, Secretary and trustee of the Bosch Aymerich Foundation.

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